December 2, 2023


Imagination at work

Crop workshop seek to incorporate latest developments in agriculture

The five-day crop workshop to revise Bundle of Procedures at Kerala Agricultural College has concluded with a get in touch with to incorporate and update most current developments in the field of agriculture in each and every five years.

Bundle of Procedures (PoP) is the compendium of all systems suited for the scientific cultivation of 150 additionally distinct crops cultivated by the farmers in the Point out. The point out degree PoP workshop is the human body, which has the ability to grant authorization for including most current systems and versions into the most current edition of Bundle of Procedures.

At the workshop, agricultural systems this sort of as the mobile software Farm Extension Manager (FEM), vacuum frying of vegetables and fruits, bio capsule of Trichoderma, machinery for coconut milk extraction named Keradhara, crop versions like Manuvarna (rice), Amaranthus ( vaika), Panniyoor 9, 10 ( pepper), Nihana (cashew) were being authorised.

The 16th Bundle of Procedures crop workshop was structured by KAU through on-line method whereby additional than two hundred dignitaries including eminent scientists, farmers, and officials participated.

Before in his inaugural handle the Point out Agriculture Minister, P. Prasad has termed upon the scientific local community to do additional to assistance and uplift farmers with more recent systems. Apart from disaster management, the farmers want assistance in more time point of view, he explained.

The Point out Revenue, Minister K Rajan, presided around the perform.