July 21, 2024


Imagination at work

Ensuring business continuity during challenging times


Tim Buckley: Greg, just one of the queries that we’ve been acquiring from our clients is what are we doing all around business continuity? What ways have we taken to make absolutely sure that no matter of how lengthy the coronavirus goes on regards to how severe it gets that we can continue on to hold the operations going? And now to our viewers out there, if you search at the rear of me, what you’re looking at is just one of our buying and selling floors. Normally you’d see it densely populated. That doesn’t mean that persons are not doing the job out there when you just see persons, every other desk or every 3rd desk. It signifies that we’ve distanced them appropriately, and I need to by the way talked about that you will observe a Greg and I are sitting apart in this article. We’re trying to exercise social distancing and all the things that we do. Beyond, social distancing, what are you guys doing? What ways have you taken to make absolutely sure this procedure proceeds? How have you dispersed your staff?

Greg Davis: So it commences actually with the fact that hey, it’s a world procedure so we have buying and selling destinations in the US, buying and selling destinations in the Uk as nicely as Melbourne, Australia. And in addition to individuals world buying and selling destinations, we also have contingency web-sites that we’re leveraging ideal now in every just one of individuals destinations. So we have our staff break up up between our primary hubs and individuals contingency web-sites, and we’ve even well prepared for the fact that if we need to, our persons could trade from dwelling. So we’ve put in the technological know-how, we’ve examined the technique, so we could have business as typical, even in a severe party.

Tim: And buying and selling from dwelling is not anything you are going to bounce to. I mean you guys adore the collaboration that comes about on the flooring even when persons are unfold out. It’s just substantially easier to take place there. That said, if we have to go there, we totally prepared to do it.

Greg: Absolutely.

Tim: Stability is going to be the very same totally no matter whether if someone’s at dwelling as it’s going to be the very same if we’re buying and selling from dwelling, as if you’re buying and selling from in this article.

Greg: Absolutely.

Tim: Now, I need to point out Greg that the relaxation of Vanguard’s operations, no matter whether they’re speaking to an associate at Vanguard, no matter what location of Vanguard is supporting the customer, individuals places have been dispersed way too. That we have taken ways to move associates apart. Moving between diverse structures. People are doing the job from dwelling. They are dispersed between our web-sites as nicely so. We’re getting the ways to make absolutely sure that we continue on business as typical in this article or as near to as typical as doable

Greg: Absolutely.