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Good Controller/Bad Controller – CFO

Back again in 2012, Ben Horowitz published an report titled “Very good Products Supervisor/ Undesirable Products Supervisor.” We borrowed from his format as we assessed a crucial role in a fast-rising company’s finance business: the controller. (See our former column, Very good CFO/Undesirable CFO.) Unique many thanks to Aman KothariDarko Socanski, and the Bessemer Enterprise Partners CFO Advisory Board for their contributions.

Acquiring the right company controller for the scale and phase of growth for your business is vital. If your corporation is a tiny, fast-rising business, a “big company” controller might be unable or unwilling to roll up their sleeves to lean in and assistance handle your most vital troubles. If your business is much more mature, an outstanding, palms-on tiny corporation controller might have difficulty producing a powerful workforce and wondering and performing strategically.

The “goldilocks” controller has the right mix of techniques and pursuits for your existing challenges with the capacity to scale the corporation in the shorter-to-medium phrase. As an business scales it is not unconventional for the controller to both be upgraded or for a chief accounting officer to be employed in excess of them to assistance bridge gaps.

Adam C. Spiegel

No matter if you want a much more nimble, palms-on controller or a massive-photo, strategic controller, below are some prevalent characteristics to consider in the collection and evaluation approach.

A good controller can create and guide a powerful accounting workforce. He or she hires the right folks for the role and for the workforce and corporation society. A undesirable controller is challenged on this front — he or she mis-hires and winds up executing all of the work them selves, then complains about it to every person who will pay attention.

A good controller organizes for achievement. He or she designs their business in a way that optimally supports the company now and that can be flexible to fulfill changing shorter-to-medium phrase needs. A undesirable controller hires bodies to “get the task done” and does not have time to consider about what will come next.

A good controller uses their innate being familiar with of just about every workforce member’s aspirations and constraints to get the greatest out of them. A undesirable controller cannot notify the variance involving good talent and undesirable talent. He or she is worried to enhance the workforce for the reason that of the more work they’ll want to do for the duration of the changeover period.

A good controller sets distinct anticipations with the workforce and follows up. He or she sets aims for them selves and their workforce targeted on continual approach enhancement. He or she asks lots of open up-finished issues and learns from the solutions. A undesirable controller does issues the way the previous controller did them with out at any time asking why. Undesirable controllers have no want to request issues as they by now know all of the solutions.

At a smaller corporation, a good controller enjoys getting palms-on and is happy with that as an ongoing component of their task, easily operating both as a preparer and a reviewer. A undesirable controller in this dimension corporation resents acquiring to do the depth work them selves and does not hassle to evaluation the work of subordinates.

Jeff Epstein

A good controller “owns it.” He or she is willing to do no matter what it can take to get the task performed and will work shoulder to shoulder with the workforce for the duration of all those prolonged close or pre-audit evenings. The undesirable controller punches out right after their eight hrs irrespective of what is heading on in the office environment, leaving the workforce behind to fend for them selves.

A good controller is swift to spread the credit and sluggish to spread the blame. He or she can take satisfaction in the team’s successes and owns their failures. The exact same slip-up does not take place again for the reason that it gets to be a instructing moment and a lesson is uncovered. A undesirable controller can take credit for others’ successes and blames other individuals when issues go mistaken. There is no instructing and the exact same faults take place in excess of and in excess of again.

A good controller is super support-oriented and assures that the finance workforce provides outstanding support to its customers (the rest of the company). A undesirable controller does not feel that finance has any customers and ignores the needs of the other departments.

A good controller communicates properly, both in just finance and to the broader business, knowing that he or she is component of a collective workforce that only succeeds alongside one another. A undesirable controller operates in a silo and does not really encourage collaboration.

A good controller understands procedures, programs, and their fundamental details and will work intently with engineering and IT associates to get the greatest out of their technological innovation equipment. A undesirable controller does not implement programs jobs for the reason that he or she cannot locate the time. Undesirable controllers keep up the migration from QuickBooks for the reason that they like the flexibility to be able to go back again to edit shut durations.

A good controller produces accurate financial statements on a predictable plan and has a approach to make improvements to on their timeliness and comprehensiveness. He or she understands that acquiring to a faster regular monthly close suggests that the workforce will have much more time just about every month for approach enhancement, creating the next regular monthly close even better. In a more substantial personal corporation, the good controller has a approach to lower regular monthly close to a general public corporation timeframe whilst also protecting the sanity of the workforce. The undesirable controller uses the full month (or much more) to close the books, leaving no time for approach enhancement and leaving the workforce perpetually in a point out of exhaustion and worry.

A good controller inherently understands and is fluent in the the vast majority of the operational and technological accounting concepts appropriate to the company. At a smaller corporation, the controller could possibly not have the exact same depth of technological accounting information but he or she will even now be fluent in the crucial concepts so as to know when to request more issues or flag troubles. The undesirable controller assumes that the auditors will figure out all of the technological accounting troubles in the audit so he or she minimizes their energy expended on investigating them.

A good controller builds a powerful and constructive operating partnership with the audit husband or wife and is unafraid to interact in truthful and open up dialog all over vital inside troubles. Good controllers connect typically and share the prevalent target of “getting issues right” and staying away from surprises. The undesirable controller dreads each conversation with the audit husband or wife out of anxiety that his or her incompetence will be uncovered.

A good controller is ethically and morally grounded and is unafraid to challenge and interact with other individuals at all stages of the business in conversations about ethical troubles. A undesirable controller lives in anxiety for their task and hence will conceal from difficult troubles.

A good controller jobs gravitas and can husband or wife properly with executives and other individuals across the business. A undesirable controller is unpleasant when interacting with other individuals and it shows.

A good controller seeks out mentorship and steering and is targeted on self-enhancement. A undesirable controller just “does their job” as he or she does not have the bandwidth to do any much more.

Adam Spiegel served as CFO for a series of general public and personal higher growth technological innovation companies such as RPX and Glassdoor. Formerly he expended in excess of a ten years as an investment banker for the Credit Suisse Very first Boston Engineering Group and Prudential Securities, finishing transactions valued at in excess of $eight billion. He now mentors CFOs and advises other executives of higher growth technological innovation companies.

Jeff Epstein is an functioning husband or wife at Bessemer Enterprise Partners and a lecturer at Stanford University. He specializes in marketplaces and company-to-company software program companies. He serves on the boards of directors and audit committees of Kaiser Permanente, Twilio, Shutterstock, and a number of personal companies.

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