April 20, 2024


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India Flooding, Landslides Kill at Least 113 People

NEW DELHI—Heavy monsoon rains have pummeled the western Indian state of Maharashtra, triggering landslides and flooding that have killed at least 113 persons, according to the state govt.

Maharashtra, residence to the financial funds of Mumbai, has viewed its heaviest July rainfall in a long time. Times of downpours have built roadways impassable and limited accessibility to villages across the state.

In Taliye, a village about one hundred ten miles southeast of Mumbai, at least 43 persons were killed by a landslide, said Nidhi Chaudhary, the Raigad district collector. Added landslides killed at least 11 persons in two other villages in the district.

Rescue teams are continue to trudging by thick layers of mud and flooded terrain to consider to attain villagers trapped by mudslides in isolated locations, according to an formal with the state’s disaster-administration office. The Indian Military, Coastline Guard and National Disaster Response Pressure are amongst the teams deployed in the rescue effort.

“Locations are remote, and it’s a mudslide,” the formal said. “Hence, removal of persons results in being more tough.”