April 21, 2024


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Is there a petrol shortage in the UK and why are fuel stations closing?

Why is there a shortage of drivers?

Over the earlier several months, several businesses have noted challenges in using the services of HGV drivers, which has led to empty shelves in supermarkets and forced restaurants to trim back again their menus. 

James Wroath, who heads up Wincanton, just one of Britain’s most significant haulage businesses, claims there are a number of reasons at the rear of the shortage. 

During the pandemic, 1000’s of Uk drivers who hailed from Europe returned to the Continent to be closer to their people and have nevertheless to return. Some also still left right after Brexit.

He also argues that doing work problems for lorry drivers have made it tough to entice remaining drivers back again into roles, which typically involve lengthy hours and sleeping in laybys during journeys. 

Meanwhile, a backlog of new drivers waiting to just take their tests is keeping back again recruitment, with 1000’s noted to be stuck in the system. The Authorities lately sought to handle the dilemma by streamlining the testing system so that candidates did not have to just take a number of tests just before becoming equipped to push distinctive lorry types. 

However, business groups warn this is “no fast fix” – specifically with pass prices of 56pc and only 3,000 people today a 7 days equipped to just take their tests less than the new regime.