May 22, 2024


Imagination at work

Kharif acreage jumps to 966 lha


Kharif planting is all set for a new file with sown location under many crops together with big oilseeds and cotton exceeding the usual location. According to kharif sowing information launched by Agriculture Ministry on Friday, a whole of 966 lakh hectares (lh) were being planted until day, just about 10 per cent additional than 878 lh sown in the corresponding 7 days last yr.

While there is just about two months left in the time, crops these types of as soyabean, cotton, maize and groundnut currently surpassed the usual sown location. As from the specified location of 110 lh, soyabean is sown around 118 lh so far. Similarly, cotton has included 123.sixty four lh as from the usual location of 121 lh. The location sown in the identical 7 days last yr was 118.73 lh.

At forty seven.29 lh, groundnut planting is just about 44 per cent additional than 32.86 lh in the corresponding 7 days in the former kharif time. The usual location under groundnut is 41.41 lh. Towards the assigned location of 74.73 lh, maize is planted around 75.88 lh currently.



Amazing rise

There is a impressive 17 per cent maximize in rice planting far too. As when compared to 274 lh planted in identical 7 days last yr, the location under rice so far is just about 322 lh. Similarly, there is a four per cent maximize in location under pulses with moong exceeding its usual location and urad and arhar inching closer to the respective usual parts. Total under pulses so far is shut to 120 lh as from one hundred fifteen lh planted in the identical period of time last yr.

The location under coarse cereals is one hundred sixty lh as when compared to one hundred fifty five lh identical 7 days last yr, when the location under sugarcane is marginally larger at fifty two lh. State as a total been given millimetres of rainfall as from the usual 507.3 mm until Thursday. Cumulative water storage in 123 reservoirs across the state monitored by the Central H2o Commission is 108 per cent of that in the corresponding 7 days last yr.