July 25, 2024


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Perbedaan Logo Design Dengan Branding

Perbedaan Logo Design Dengan Branding

Speaking of logos, of course everyone knows. The logo is a form of company that is used to represent the company, such as swoosh Nike and McDonald’s gold arches etc. But what is branding? You could say that branding is an image, or something that is done by a company, where everyone can understand the company’s field.

For example, here I will use Nike as the difference between logos and brands.

The Nike logo is described as a checkmark or Swoosh. This includes a very simple form that represents movement and speed. That’s very good, but it’s just a sign – a simple form.

Nike brands include advertisements, sports celebrity support, product packaging, store design, TV product placement and movies, sponsorship, in-store graphics, hang-tags, music in videos, website design, print ads, product photography, technology, and so on and so on… These are all the points you will have with Nike.

Therefore it is something very important, including us We are not only talking about logo design. We also always destroy to do branding, so that everything goes well with maximum results.

Unfortunately, this is how many business owners think a good logo design will work.

How does Nike do its branding:

Step 1. Potential customers see the logo.

Step 2. If the logo is familiar to them (such as checkbox / Nike), they will immediately remember all the experiences they have with the brand – advertisements, experiences you have on Nike products, see your neighbors or friends wearing Nike clothes, packaging, ways of friends You talk about brands, celebrity support that uses a lot, etc.

Step 3. This memory triggers an emotional and intellectual response. Yes! I know this company! I know their products, and they are COOL!

Step 4. They decide to buy a pair of the latest Nike shoes.

As you can see, logos are only visual lines to the brain to remember their experiences of interacting with companies (also known as ‘brands’!) Memory of brand experience is what triggers emotional reactions!

So how important is the Logo and branding to be able to get satisfactory results and also everyone can immediately know the product, what services we sell.

We consider all aspects of what makes up the brand, and integrate it into our design process. So, yes, at the end of the project you will have:

  • Logo
  • Font
  • Color scheme
  • Brand style guides

These are all the basic elements needed for your brand. But during the process, you will find that our team also considers other aspects of the brand. This is unique for each project, but may include things like: hang tags, signboards, websites, clothes, paper types, uniforms, billboards, product packaging, etc.

We will give the best to create a logo and branding for your company to be able to achieve the maximum target.