July 14, 2024


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The Change Management

The Change Management


Every organization is in need of flexible people, who can accept and adopt the changes swiftly because the changes are inevitable sometimes unpredictable. To change itself is a vital attribute, a principle, or a rule of life.

There is a small story of a press reporter, who was handling sports section. He was irrefutably successful. While he had total grip over the reporting system, the management of the newspaper was changed. According to the change he was given a reporting of Cinema Section. The day he got an order in his hand he started overreacting, deploring to his colleagues, and yelling at subordinates etc. He went home, reported the same to his sensible wife. Her immediate response was “Great!! You can have fabulous new experience of working in a wonderland.” His wife also explained significance of accepting changes. That worked as a miracle. That night he could not sleep. He was contemplating as to how he can go about with his new and exciting venture. Next day he went to office with full excitement to shoulder the new responsibility. The change gave him tremendous opportunities. He became more confident than ever before. He learned to adore the change that gave him new life.

The changes are necessary to make the life more interesting, more meaningful, and more challenging, without understanding this, we suffer, complain, grumble, get frustrated, and try to shift the responsibility of our ignorance, our carelessness on somebody else when changes transpire. The people are adamant and reluctant to the change.

The change may be accelerating, a hidden blessing, but we keep on escaping from our responsibilities and get ourselves in serious troubles due to such attitude. People without flexibility do impatiently wait for their good time to come. The best principle when circumstances change is ‘you change.’ Handling change and successfully managing it is an art, a tactful skill, quite interestingly it can be learnt. We have to change our thinking habits. New thoughts will lead a person to be filled with great amount of positive attitude, energy, and enthusiasm. That is essential to manage the change.

A crucial factor of the universe is that it changes continuously. Therefore, change is always there, whether you accept it or not, whether you stay happy in changed circumstance or not. Some people fail to sustain and manage the change because they lack desire, determination, and confidence to revert the changed environment to their favor.

According to Hugh Downs-a happy person is not a person in a certain set of circumstances, but rather a person with a certain set of attitudes. That attitude is; to change when circumstances change. It is said life is a collection of changes every change is a challenge and challenge when faced may bring success or else they may act as stepping-stone to success.

The effective way to handle the change is accepting whatever is in the present moment, and doing what is required at the present moment keeping the temper in control. There is no pain, sorrow, grief or grumbling left when we whole-heartedly accept the change.

When we short-list the art of managing change:

  • Always know and be prepared that change is inevitable.
  • Expect the change.
  • Accept the change.
  • Handle the change without burdening your mind with anxiety.
  • Enjoy the change. Take a responsibility to be happy.
  • Grow from the change.
  • Be ready and expect a new change.

Bad things happen to good people. We do not have control on the events happening, but certainly we can choose how to deal with them. Deal with them, handle them be unhappy or deal with them manage them and be happy. It is always better and smarter to decide to be happy. We cannot choose happenstances but we can always choose our reactions. Rather than being reactive we can be proactive and develop the authentic thinking, wherein we can judge, analyze, and decide. We should change; as per changes in life, but there are few things, which should not change that is our value system, the values like integrity, commitment, honesty, and loyalty. If the values are dead in a man then nothing in the world can revive and reinstate his existence.

Changes are nothing beyond human endurance. We should learn to treat changes occurring in our lives with equanimity. Any change can be managed in life of course more effectively. Welcome the change sportively. Remember it keeps us alive.