July 25, 2024


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What Expats Need To Know About Taxes In Germany

Taxes in Germany: What American Expats Should Know

Regardless of the country we live in, understanding the tax system is a difficult tax. One of the ways to save money for taxes is by comparison while shopping. German people use websites that provide online reviews of different products and businesses. One of the leading review websites is Erfahrungenscout.de which provides reviews of different services so it’s easier to find the right ones. But saving money alone or having lots of money can’t help you stay afloat of the taxation system. If you’re moving to Germany, there are many things to know including Taxation. We will focus on things every expat must know about taxation in Germany, so keep reading till the end!

Do Your Homework

Handling your taxes is a task you have to do yourself. Sure, the government does help you understand the concepts and make the right choices, it’s up to you to do what’s needed. One of the ways to find taxation guidelines is to get help from financial experts in Germany. You can read reviews of german finance services to decide which one will be the best match for you. However, if you don’t want to spend money, you can take some time and find taxation-relevant info yourself using the internet.

Your Taxation States

The first thing you have to know is whether taxes apply on you or not. The good thing while living in Germany is that not everyone is forced to pay taxes. You might only have to give a Tax declaration in some cases. In some cases, you may get rid of paying your taxes every year if you fall under a category. You won’t have to pay tax if you are employed by a single person. You also don’t have to pay your taxes if you earn less than 9,000 EUR per year.

Your Tax Bracket

German financial system is quite strong and elaborate. Therefore, not all people are dealt with a fit-for-everyone tax bracket. German system classifies what you earn in a calendar year in six possible categories. Here are these possible tax brackets:

  • You are an unmarried, widowed, or a divorced person
  • You are a single parent
  • You are married and earn more than your spouse
  • You are married and earn the same as your spouse
  • You are married an make less than your spouse
  • You are working on more than one job

Now, after you’ve been identified by the relevant authorities, there are various other statements and clauses that define how much tax you will pay. A common observation is that most of the expats fall in either category 1 or category 6.

Your Tax Registration

There are many ways you can get registered in Germany to pay your taxes. If you have a rich experience of managing your taxes from your native country, you can get registered for taxation yourself. There are various online tools that can help you identify your tax bracket and get registered in no time. But if you don’t have any experience of handling your taxes, your best choice would be working with a tax advisor. You can easily find a tax advisor by reading online reviews if you don’t have time wandering from office to office.