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Where can I get an executive protection license?

Where can I get an executive protection license?

Where can I get an executive protection license?

For each role in the safety and defense sectors, PWA offers the executive defense courses you’ll need. PWA was started in 2012 to educate individuals about the foundations of personal defense missions and personal protection. According to Advanced Security Technologies, the parent firm of PWA, most applicants attempted to break into the intelligence community. Whether in the military or not, they had the fundamental skills required to be a system administrator. So if you want to get executive protection training license then PWA is the best option. Additionally, it was PWA’s moral obligation to assist any employment of its own through the training program and instructing prospective protection employees.

There are several levels of security training available through the Pacific West Institute. Pacific West Foundation’s graduation has been helpful for a number of its clients. If you’re interested in raising a family, you can learn everything there is to know about Pacific West Institute. The knowledgeable faculty at Pacific West Academy comprises former members of police forces, the military, and protection agencies. They have combined their years of experience and education from various security-related fields and institutions to develop the most cutting-edge technical instruction initiatives.

Based on ASC’s years of experience in the security sector, a syllabus for a 104-hour program that would provide the knowledge and qualifications essential to launch a successful future as a security officer was developed. After the initiative’s success, it was time to update PWA’s goal statement. Future security personnel also needs training, and PWA has a moral duty to assist in placing everyone who successfully finished its training course. All PWA program members had to find meaningful work, and maintaining a level of training over the minimum requirement became the goal.

As a veteran-run company, PWA lays the foundation for transitioning from the battlefield to the educational sector. The environment at PWA makes it easier for troops to transition from the military’s black-and-white reality to the full spectrum of colors found in the outside world, thereby preparing them for academic achievement. After finishing programs at PWA, students gain a better understanding of what is necessary to achieve intellectual success, allowing them to transfer to higher education institutions or begin careers as security agents.

What does training for executive protection entail?

Executive protection is a security service that guarantees the safety and well-being of those who have specialized knowledge in their profession or are considered at risk.

The abilities required to work as an executive protection agent are taught in a course called executive protection training. So firearms, self-defense techniques, security evaluations, and numerous other topics may include in the training.

How much time is spent on executive protection training?

A few hours too many weeks can be spent on executive protection training. Executive protection certification is divided into two levels: basic and advanced. Basic training encompasses safety precautions, while advanced training encompasses close-quarters combat methods, gun proficiency, and evasive maneuvering for more complicated scenarios.

After finishing your initial educational requirements and completing a final exam, you can obtain an executive protection license from some training facilities, which recognizes you as a competent executive protection officer.

Where can I get an executive protection license?

The Western Pacific Academy is among the premier academies and training facilities for learners seeking employment in high-end security industries. It is in the Californian city of Los Angeles. Their personnel is highly qualified, competent, and experienced.

This institute is the most acceptable option for pupils to obtain a professional qualification. These programs will make a strong impression in any security-related area on their CV.

The Pacific West Academy was established in 2012 to educate individuals on the fundamentals of practical security and closer insurance. The parent company of PWA, Progressed Security Ideas, Inc. (ASC), has observed that the majority of applicants seeking to work in the security industry who are veterans work in the security field. Lack of fundamental knowledge required to become an expert

Based on ASC’s extensive experience in the security field, a 104-hour educational program was developed to provide the knowledge and credentials necessary to embark on a rewarding career as a security professional.

The times we live in are uncertain. You become more aware of your surroundings as a result of self-defense training. Consider getting bodyguard training if self-defense is something you’re interested in. Bodyguards have received extensive training in defending their clients from harm, kidnapping, assault, harassment, stalking, and many other threats. Politicians, famous persons, affluent families, or people who focus on violence or harassment can all be clients. 

You will require more training than self-defense instruction to work as a bodyguard. A bodyguard must be in good physical and mental health. You will require sophisticated bodyguard training, such as that provided by organizations like Pacific West Institute.

Bodyguard training is offered at several degrees by Pacific West Institute. Their training programs have received official approval. Numerous of their consumers have benefited from the alums of Pacific West Academy. Continue reading for more information about Pacific West Academy and what they have to provide if you’re considering a career as a protector.


Pacific West Academy students go through several courses, which are:

  1. Comprehensive Security Training (CST) 
  2. Certified Protection Specialist (CPS) 
  3. Certified Executive Security Specialist (CESS) 

Comprehensive Security Training (CST)

A 12-day (104-hour) Comprehensive Security (CST) curriculum is available in centers run by Pacific West Academy. A 12-day practical core course in security is known as Comprehensive Security Training. Participants take this course to master the fundamentals of Krav Maga, Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Boxing, and other reversal techniques. Through classroom and real-world activities, students follow a step-by-step procedure to gain a comfortable understanding of each topic. Bodyguards, event armed officers, and many other positions are open to CST graduates.

Certified Protection Specialist (CPS) 

Executive security advanced training for the Certified Protection Professional (CPS) lasts 27 days (232 hours). The instruction includes the following:

  • Education in essential security
  • Techniques for surveillance and counter-surveillance
  • Advanced guns use
  • Operation of the vehicle during maneuvers and methods at high speeds
  • Analysis of human behavior includes examining violence, how to react, and other topics.

With training and certification in several high-end security and security-related courses, the CPS program is suitable for people who want to break into the executive protection profession and already have their essential security licenses.

Certified Executive Security Specialist (CESS)

The Certified Government Security Specialist (CESS) exam lasts 39 days (348 hours). The main program of Pacific West Academy, CESS, has been authorized for post-9/11 VA benefits. People who want to work in private security should enroll in the CESS program. Employment in high-end security roles such as Executive Protective, Residential Safeguards, Executive Mobility, Technical Surveillance Mitigation strategies, etc., is the focus of the training. The instruction includes the following:

  • Executive protection fundamentals
  • Advanced executive protections
  • Advanced use of firearms
  • Vehicle operation during high-speed maneuvers and techniques
  • Behavioral analysis studying human behavior and aggression and how to respond
  • Hand-to-hand combat techniques
  • Taser use
  • Sexual harassment prevention
  • Chemical agents
  • and more.

Why pursue a career in executive security?

In addition to working with upper-class people, being an executive bodyguard pays well. You must be aware of potential threats to the influential person you are assigned to protect as a bodyguard agent. It would help if you cared about their protection. You will receive thorough instruction from Pacific West Academy on recognizing these hazards and best safeguarding your essential man.

Who would be the ideal candidate for the Executive Protection program?

Anyone working in the private security industry can enroll in the executive protection program at Pacific West Academy. Veteran soldiers are encouraged to develop their talents. Since the training is derived from ex-military teachers, the abilities taught will be pretty simple and extensive for ex-military.

Superior Infrastructure

The bodyguard training students at Pacific West Academy appreciate the high-quality facilities available to them. They also have shooting ranges and authorized equipment that aid in the training in addition to designated classrooms where it is conducted.

Capable teachers

Pacific West Academy employs highly qualified instructors to guide you through the program. The instructors are approachable and passionate about giving their students the best training possible to become bodyguards.

Certified Bodyguard School

They hold all the licenses required to offer bodyguard training services as a bodyguard academy. They are initially contracted by ACCET (Accrediting Council for continued Education and Training). Additionally supported by Cal Jobs and BPPE is CSAAVE (California State Approving Agency for Veterans Education) (The CA Bureau for personal Postsecondary Education). Highly skilled bodyguard training is available through the programs.

Adjustable Prices

You are free to select the price of bodyguard training at Pacific West Academy. Clients are free to choose from various categories based on their financial situation. So, you should not be concerned about the cost of this instruction. You can get assistance from Pacific West Academy at a reasonable price.