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Atos looks beyond the Covid-19 crisis to help businesses prepare for the future

Paris, May fourteen, 2020

Atos, a world-wide leader in digital transformation, anticipates what the earth will glimpse like just after the Covid-19 crisis in a report printed by specialists from the Atos Scientific Community, a world-wide network produced up of a hundred and sixty of the top rated scientists, engineers and ahead thinkers from throughout the Team, who have been lively on the subject matter due to the fact the starting of the crisis. Their predictions not only element feasible implications and chances for individual industries they also examine the ‘transversal’ implications of systems that have the opportunity to remodel both of those firms and societies.

A new typical with ample space for possibility and improve

The pandemic has brought some profound alterations. We function in different ways, store in different ways, and interact with mates and family in different ways. At the similar time, it is currently owning deep financial repercussions for folks, firms and nations. Irrespective of a developing consensus about a coming economic downturn, the study by the Atos Scientific Community serves as a reminder that the potential opportunity for firms and societies can continue to be positively influenced.

“The recent virus outbreak is likely to be the very first of various waves. Therefore, regardless of the amazing monetary and fiscal measures announced, we do not be expecting the recent decline to be followed by a rapid and sustained restoration. We be expecting a “new normal”, not a “going back again to normal”, but it is 1 with ample space for possibility and improve”, make clear the authors of the report, José Esteban-Lauzán and John Corridor, customers of the Atos Scientific Community, and Hubert Tardieu, Atos CEO advisor.

From rapid to transformational steps

The Covid-19 outbreak and the subsequent lockdown measures have paved the way for the acceleration of digital transformation as firms shift functions to cope with workplace closures, limited movement and supply interruption. Atos’ specialists alert that our collective reaction will have to not focus entirely on rapid steps but on transformational types as nicely. The report supplies some hints on what this new ‘normal’ may well glimpse like.

The crisis has produced apparent that digitalization or business enterprise continuity were being not experienced sufficient in numerous businesses. On the other hand, the perspective of a long-term financial paralysis will travel businesses to prioritize investments in long-term resilience over day-to-day operational wants. Witnessing automobile or vacuum cleaner factories manufacture ventilators also highlighted the relevance of adaptability and business enterprise continuity to identify a specified organization’s route out of the crisis. In the digital period, these facets derive from information-centricity, lighter procedures and large stages of automation based on device-mastering and synthetic intelligence, not just robotics. The press for higher adaptability will also accelerate Cloud efforts, toward a versatile hybrid Cloud.

Some tidal waves, like remote function, will not recede. Problems and difficulties of protection and security will come to be extra pressing than at any time, with impacts on the supply chain, in the direction of extra created-by-design traceability, on sustainability, decarbonization and, of training course, on cybersecurity. To conclude, the Covid-19 pandemic is our now, not our potential. Corporations have the possibility to forge the potential, rethinking their goal and strategy to focus on efficacy as substantially as effectiveness.

To read the total ‘What the earth will glimpse like just after the COVID-19 crisis’ report: material/2020/atos-report-what-the-earth-will-glimpse-like-just after-the-covid-19-crisis.pdf



 About Atos

Atos is a world-wide leader in digital transformation with one hundred ten,000 workers in seventy three countries and yearly revenue of € twelve billion. European selection 1 in Cloud, Cybersecurity and Superior-Overall performance Computing, the Team supplies conclude-to-conclude Orchestrated Hybrid Cloud, Massive Facts, Business Purposes and Electronic Place of work answers. The Team is the Globally Details Engineering Spouse for the Olympic & Paralympic Video games and operates below the manufacturers Atos, Atos|Syntel, and Unify. Atos is a SE (Societas Europaea), shown on the CAC40 Paris inventory index.

The goal of Atos is to assist design the potential of the information and facts place. Its experience and companies aid the advancement of understanding, instruction and investigation in a multicultural method and add to the advancement of scientific and technological excellence. Across the earth, the Team allows its buyers and workers, and customers of societies at significant to stay, function and build sustainably, in a protected and secure information and facts place.


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