December 6, 2022


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Everyone wants to enjoy the holiday beach and island trips on a comfortable car that adds up more to the delight but not everyone can afford vehicles with limited monthly income. Vehicles are expensive to buy in Finland which coerces people to use ride-hailing car services or public transport. Ride-hailing services also seem expensive to many people which stir their attention towards well-maintained and developed public transport. 

Limiitti presented an uncomplicated car loan solution to people who uprightly crave to have their car. The company serves customers adequately and offers them additional services to stick them with the company. Before making a car loan decision from some company it is essential to consult some review websites like Suomiarvostelut to avoid exposure to a wrong and fraudulent company. Deep content on this website provides factual information without any bents.

Car accommodation

A car loan refers to a loan borrowed from banks or other financial institutions to buy a car. This loan constitutes the bought vehicle as collateral and the consumer pays the monthly installments with an additional interest amount to get relieved from the loan. The sequence of paying the amount of installment along with interest continues till the specified period. 

However, if consumers fail to make payments according to the contract then the lending company holds legal rights to take collateral property under their custody.Some lending firms operate just online without physical offices and meet the demands of users.

Methods to fund a car

Various methods for auto-financing comprises of:

  • Bank loan

It is regarded that a bank loan is a  prudent option when an individual has collateral (security) available and wants to obtain a loan at a feebler interest rate. Any asset having equal or more monetary value like residential property, land or jewelry, probably diamond and gold is kept as collateral that ensures the payback of borrowed money. 

  • Exceptional consumer credit

Then there is another option to take a loan named as exceptional consumer credit, it is used to get an amount lower than fifteen thousand euros. This option does not demand collateral and consumers can avail of it by filling online applications and getting the loan decision right away.

  • Hire purchase funding

Some people also utilize the option of hire purchase funding, which allows individuals to buy a car from private people or car dealers. This doesn’t require any property as collateral because the car itself acts as collateral. The hire purchase method includes interest and determined monthly payments so that individuals could know the accurate value of financing during the credit time. Anyone can apply for the hire purchase option.

Interest rates 

Interest rate is contingent on the kind of finance option an individual picks. The standard interest rate is two to eight percent for car financing. However, the hire purchase option incorporates interest rates on the basis of different cases.


Finnish residents can obtain a car loan to buy their vehicle instead of waiting for the time when they will have excessive money. The additional options include amenable repayment terms, simple application processes, and text payment reminders, etc.