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FT Global MBA ranking 2021: methodology and key

This Economical Situations MBA rating characteristics the world’s ideal 100 comprehensive-time MBA programmes. A complete of 143 faculties took element in the 2021 version. All taking part faculties meet the FT’s entry standards, which includes getting accredited by Equis or the AACSB. 

The FT surveys alumni a few many years immediately after completing their MBA. For faculties to enter the rating calculations, the FT involves that a minimum amount of twenty per cent of alumni reply to the study, with at the very least twenty entirely accomplished surveys. This calendar year only, simply because of disruption from the Covid-19 disaster, the FT thought of faculties with a reduce reaction price. About six,570 from the course of 2017 accomplished our study — a reaction price of 44 per cent. 

FT MBA rating 2021 — prime 100

Locate out which faculties are in our rating of MBA degrees. Find out how the table was compiled.

The rating has twenty diverse standards. Alumni responses notify 8 standards that jointly lead sixty one per cent of its body weight. Eleven standards are calculated from faculty details, accounting for 29 per cent of the rating. KPMG audits a amount of faculties each and every calendar year. The remaining criterion, the research rank, counts for ten per cent. 

Alumni-educated standards are based mostly on the details collected above a few many years. Responses from the 2021 study have 50 per cent of complete body weight and those people from 2020 and 2019, 25 per cent just about every. If only two many years of details are available, the weighting is break up 60:forty if details are from 2021 and 2020, or 70:thirty if they are from 2021 and 2019. For wage figures, the weighting is 50:50 for two years’ details. 

The first two alumni standards are typical profits a few many years immediately after graduation and wage increase in comparison with pre-MBA wage, both of those weighted at twenty per cent. For the latter, fifty percent of the body weight applies to the absolute increase and fifty percent to the share rise (posted). Recent salaries are converted to US bucks using November 2020 IMF acquiring electrical power parity prices. 

The salaries of non-profit and public sector staff and comprehensive-time pupils are taken out, as are the highest and lowest salaries from just about every faculty, to estimate a normalised typical. Lastly, salaries are weighted to reflect variations between diverse sectors. 

“Value for money” for just about every faculty is calculated by dividing their typical alumni wage a few many years immediately after graduation by their MBA’s complete expense, which includes tuition, shed wage, possibility expense and other expenses. Any monetary aid offered to alumni is subtracted from the complete. 

The FT also collects info from faculties on their latest faculty, recently enrolled pupils and the latest graduating course. Faculty standards incorporate the variety of staff, board customers and pupils by gender, nationality and the MBA’s worldwide access. For gender standards, faculties with a 50:50 composition score highest. 

The research rank is based mostly on the amount of articles or blog posts by comprehensive-time faculty in 50 internationally recognised educational and practitioner journals. The rank combines the amount of publications from January 2018 to August 2020, with the amount weighted relative to faculty dimension. 

The corporate social obligation rank is based mostly on the proportion of educating several hours from core programs focused to CSR, ethics, social and environmental difficulties. It carries a body weight of a few per cent. 

The FT World wide MBA rating is a relative listing. Universities are ranked in opposition to just about every other by calculating a Z-score for just about every criterion. The Z-score is a statistic that demonstrates wherever a score lies in relation to the suggest. These scores are then weighted as outlined in the rating vital and extra jointly for a ultimate score. 

Immediately after eradicating faculties that did not meet the reaction price threshold from the alumni study, a first variation is calculated using all remaining faculties. The faculty at the base is taken out and a second variation is calculated and so on until eventually we access the prime 100. The prime 100 faculties are ranked accordingly to deliver the 2020 checklist.

Some faculties that took element in the rating formerly had been not able to participate this time due to challenges from the pandemic. 

Judith Pizer of Pizer-MacMillan acted as the FT’s databases advisor.

Economical Situations MBA 2021 vital
Weights for rating standards are revealed in brackets as a share of the general rating. 

Income right now **: typical alumnus wage a few many years immediately after completion, US$ PPP equal. This determine is not utilised in the rating. # 

Weighted wage (twenty): typical alumnus wage a few many years immediately after completion, US$ PPP equal, with adjustment for versions between sectors. #

Income increase (twenty): typical change in alumni wage from before the MBA to now. 50 percent of this determine is calculated according to the absolute wage increase and fifty percent according to the share increase relative to pre-MBA wage. # 

Price for income (three): calculated using wage right now, system length, tuition and other fees, which includes shed profits during the MBA. # 

Career development (three): calculated according to variations in the degree of seniority and the dimension of business alumni do the job in now, in comparison with before their MBA. # 

Aims attained (three): the extent to which alumni fulfilled their said ambitions or causes for undertaking an MBA. # 

Professions services (three): efficiency of the faculty careers services for job counselling, personal improvement, networking events, internship research and recruitment, as rated by their alumni. # 

Utilized at a few months (2): share of the most the latest graduating course which had discovered employment or accepted a job offer you within a few months of completing their scientific studies. The determine in brackets is the share of the course for which the faculty was equipped to give employment details and is utilised to estimate the school’s ultimate score in this group. § 

Alumni propose (three): calculated according to assortment by alumni of a few faculties from which they would recruit MBA graduates. # 

Woman faculty (2): share of feminine faculty. 

Woman pupils (2): share of feminine pupils on the comprehensive-time MBA. 

Women of all ages on board (one): share of feminine customers on the school’s advisory board. 

International faculty (4): calculated according to the variety of faculty by citizenship and the share whose nationality differs from their state of employment — the determine posted in the table. ‡ 

International pupils (4): calculated according to the variety of latest MBA pupils by citizenship and the share whose nationality differs from the state in which they review — the determine in the table. ‡ 

International board (2): share of the board whose citizenship differs from the state in which the faculty is based mostly. 

International mobility (six): based mostly on alumni citizenship and the nations around the world wherever they worked before their MBA, on graduation and a few many years immediately after. 

International system practical experience (three): calculated according to whether or not the most the latest graduating MBA course accomplished exchanges and business internships, lasting at the very least a month, in nations around the world other than wherever the faculty is based mostly. For 2021, the calculation was based mostly on the typical throughout the earlier two or a few many years of worldwide system practical experience details, if available. For faculties that have taken element for the first time this calendar year, only details from the 2021 study had been utilised.

More languages (one): amount of languages demanded on graduation, excluding English. § 

College with doctorates (5): share of comprehensive-time faculty with a doctoral degree. 

FT research rank (ten): calculated according to the amount of articles or blog posts posted by latest comprehensive-time faculty customers in 50 selected educational and practitioner journals between January 2018 and July 2020. The FT50 rank combines the absolute amount of publications with the amount weighted relative to the faculty’s dimension. 

Company social obligation (three): proportion of educating several hours from core programs focused to CSR, ethics, social and environmental difficulties. 

All round fulfillment **: typical analysis by alumni of the system, scored out of ten. Immediately after alumni answered several queries about their MBA practical experience, they had been requested to price their general fulfillment, on a ten-position scale. This determine is not utilised in the rating. 

Universities with a 50:50 (male/feminine) composition acquire the highest probable score in the a few gender-related standards. 

§ Alumni who accomplished MBA between July 2019 and June 2020. 

# Features details for the course of 2017 and just one or two preceding lessons wherever available. 

‡ While we recognise the distinction between Chinese and Taiwanese scholars and pupils, within China no this kind of distinction may well have been noticed when recording variety. 

** Classification not utilised in the rating. 

The FT research rank was calculated using Clarivate Analytics details from the Website of Science, an summary and quotation databases of research literature.