July 25, 2024


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How Neighborhood Dental Advertising and Marketing Materials Can Provide Your Greatest ROI

How Neighborhood Dental Advertising and Marketing Materials Can Provide Your Greatest ROI

Running a dental practice is more than just cleaning teeth and looking after your patients’ dental services. You actually have to get patients to your practice in the first place in order to work on them, and that requires some serious dental advertising and marketing. There are many different customized marketing options available for dental practices, but only one option is proven to directly target your best prospects and provide the greatest ROI on your marketing investment: neighborhood dental advertising.

What is neighborhood dental advertising?

A neighborhood dental advertising program targets ideal patients in and around the area of your dental practice using a specific combination of tested and proven direct mail formats. Your most likely patients live near your practice, they consider themselves healthy and in the prime of their life, and they’re concerned about their appearance and overall health and well being, including their dental health.

How do I target my ideal patients?

Careful analysis by a dental advertising company of the households in your area can provide a detailed demographic profile of the decision makers surrounding your practice. Additionally, further research, data analysis, and years of experience show that women make 80% of all healthcare decisions. By directing your message to female heads of households in your area that meet your ideal of a top-quality patient, you will maximize your marketing dollars, reduce waste, and increase response.

What mail format should I use?

Your ideal patient is a visual learner that loves to read and is highly receptive to information that is relevant to their life. Studies also show that people of all ages and demographics prefer direct mail over all other media, and direct mail contributes most to establishing a relationship. A direct mail newsletter customized for your dental practice fits all of these criteria.

When you send out dental newsletters customized with your logo, address, phone number, map, photos of you and your staff, and relatable dental information, you build a relationship with likely patients in your area and establish yourself as the expert in your field. Furthermore, when you personalize each newsletter with the recipient’s name in select headlines and text to help capture attention and create a highly personal connection, response is proven to increase by up to 44 percent.

By delivering a consistent message that builds your reputation, the next time ideal patients in your area are ready for cleaning, fillings, whitening, crowns, or other dental services, they’ll think of your dental practice first.

How do I get started?

Dental advertising isn’t just about getting new people to walk through your door; it’s about bringing in better quality patients as well, people who are concerned about their health and appearance and who are willing to spend more for the best dental care. A good dental advertising company will provide your practice with high-quality, educational dental newsletters (educated patients are more profitable patients), postcards, and email newsletter products that prequalify potential patients before they even call you.

Contact a dental advertising company that specializes in dental newsletters and advertising products today, and receive the greatest ROI from your dental marketing materials possible.