October 2, 2023


Imagination at work

Karnataka area under maize up 41 per cent in early kharif sowing

Maize (corn) acreage has jumped 41 for each cent Karnataka, the most significant producer of the corase cereal, in the course of the present-day kharif season as farmers are witnessed bringing in additional spot beneath the coarse cereal crop. This will come even as kharif sowing has taken place on 28.seventeen lakh hectares (lh) of the specific 77 lh in the Point out, as of June twenty five.

Maize sowing has been competled in 7.forty seven lakh ha until June twenty five, 41 for each cent greater than corresponding 5.thirty lh a calendar year in the past. The concentrate on spot for maize this kharif in the Point out is 11.84 lh and sowing has been finish in about 63 for each cent of the specific spot. Maize planting is finish in 6.31 lh of the specific rainfed spot of eight.72 lh. In irrigated disorders, maize sowing has taken place in one.16 lh of the specific three.12 lh.

Good rainfall

Good pre-monsoon showers and nicely dispersed monsoon rainfall, so much, has aided the kharif sowing in the Point out. Rainfall in the course of June was 31 for each cent greater at 405 mm towards the typical of 310 mm for the thirty day period. Critical maize increasing areas of Davangere and Chitradurga districts in south interior Karnataka have acquired 81 and forty five for each cent additional rainfall than typical in the course of June.

Official resources mentioned the progress of the Kharif sowing has been fantastic so much. Complete acreages are greater by about eight for each cent more than the identical time period previous calendar year.

Increased pulses spot

Among the other crops, oilseeds and pulses spot have elevated marginally compared with previous calendar year. Pulses have been sown on 7.33 lh compared with 7.thirty lh in identical time period previous calendar year. Concentrate on spot for pulses is 21.07 lh, of which tur acreage is specific at 14.31 lh. Tur has so much been planted in three.31 lh, marginally decreased than previous year’s three.34 lh. Moong or environmentally friendly gram has been seeded in 2.seventy five lh compared with 2.sixty nine lh.

Increased oilseeds acreage

Complete oilseeds acreage has been greater at four.fifty three lh compared with three.ninety three lh in identical time period previous calendar year. The concentrate on spot for oilseeds is ten.sixty seven lh this calendar year. Farmers are witnessed displaying choice in the direction of soyabean, groundnut and sunflower. Until June twenty five, soyabean has been planted in 2.sixty nine lh (2.forty seven lh identical time period previous calendar year), although groundnut has been planted in one.07 lh (.84 lh) and sunflower in .57 lh (.36 lh).

Cotton planting has been relatively sluggish as the fibre crop has been planted in one.65 lh compared with 2.39 lh in identical time period previous calendar year. The Point out is focusing on cotton acreage of 7.thirty lh for the kharif season this calendar year. Among the cereals, planting of paddy, jowar, ragi and bajra, amid other people, has been relatively sluggish, so much.