July 21, 2024


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Marketing Careers – How to Find a Job in Marketing

Marketing Careers – How to Find a Job in Marketing

There has been a sudden rush in the number of people applying for jobs in marketing. Post recession, the need for efficient marketing has only gone up raising expectations in job hunting circles of a great marketing career to be had! Avenues in marketing have only gone up and so has the enthusiasm of the youth. Thanks to the great marketing of marketing jobs, the rush of applicants is increasing and the companies are finally able to find the best talent from the applicants. If you’re searching for a great career in marketing, you definitely can’t go wrong with these:

• Build a local network: People, who start out initially, get a local job. There is a great deal of understanding that goes behind the selection of local people for jobs in a particular location. One of the main reasons is ‘local’ itself. Maybe the language is the same throughout the country, but locals have some colloquial inclinations coupled with some distinct cultural identities – that will help the locals convince their area in turn very well. It is like a representative of the same area in a marketing job. Naturally, the locals will listen to them more than a recruit from another region.

However, this is only when you’re starting off your marketing career, when you’re placed in the lower rungs of the corporate ladder. As your seniority increases, the need for local managers diminishes because it is the best brain that can go to the top!

• Using social Media: So you log in to Facebook every hour and enjoy updating status and commenting on your friends’ links. But have you ever given it a thought that Facebook can actually be a source of great marketing jobs? A little is known about recruiters searching for good talent on social networking sites. The recruiters will scan through your social networking profile before handing over the appointment letter to you! Therefore it is important that you keep your social networking profile in a ‘presentable’ condition!

• Using the internet: Like online social networking, the internet is of great help when it comes to searching for marketing jobs. The internet has become the employment agency of the present and the future where job search sites will help you get the marketing job that you want!

• Classifieds, Newspapers and Employment Consultancies: How can one omit the good old classified services and the newspapers when job hunting. Still today, there is a great deal of impetus given to print media advertising for recruitments and job searching. If you want prompt attention, apply to the advertisement and then follow up the recruitment procedure on the internet.

• Personal: Personality traits such as competence, willingness to work hard, learning attitude are something that need to be inculcated with your basic values. Your employer will surely look for these things in you as what is required from a good marketing professional. Interviews are a test of the same and you wouldn’t want to be left behind in the race!