November 27, 2022


Imagination at work

Telangana procures 60 lakh tonnes of paddy

The Civil Supplies Office of Telangana has completed procurement of 60 lakh tonnes, meeting the focus on set by the Meals Company of India (FCI) for the Condition.

The produce, procured from in excess of ten lakh farmers, is valued at about Rs 12,000 crore.

The Condition, however, expects arrivals of 30 lakh much more tonnes of paddy, looking at the bumper output from the kharif crop. The Condition expects a total output of about 1.30 crore tonnes from the kharif period.

As the procurement process completed in many areas of the Condition, the Office has shut down just about half of the six,900 procurement centres that it opened.

With the Condition finishing the procurement focus on and much more arrivals anticipated, the Condition Authorities questioned the Union Authorities to improve the cap.