June 17, 2024


Imagination at work

Trust and transformation at the Audit and Assurance Conference

Even if you have been unable to show up at the ICAEW Audit and Assurance Faculty’s modern virtual meeting, you can gain from the session recordings.&#13&#13

Have confidence in and transformation were the themes for the Economical Reporting, Audit and Assurance Meeting in October 2021 and they are significantly apt. As Iain Wright, Controlling Director, Track record and Affect, at ICAEW, notes in his welcome: “Corporate scandals in the latest years, undermining public
and parliamentary believe in, very long-time period forces at perform this kind of as sustainability and the increase of stakeholder capitalism, and know-how transforming business enterprise tactics and processes, make the themes of this conference significantly relevant.”Faculty conference

Economical reporting, audit and assurance have been topic to unparalleled alter and volatility, with additional on the horizon. The keynote tackle by Sir Jon Thompson, CEO of the UK’s Fiscal Reporting Council (FRC) sets the stage for the conference and for coming variations.